The Finest Details of Craft Beer

Cervezas Alhambra

A goldsmith must be skilled in their craft. The intricacies of a piece of jewelry or the detailing on a fine ornament do not allow for haphazard handling of their art. Goldsmithing requires precision from beginning to end. From filing to casting, the goldsmith must make the tiniest of details their concern.

However, this vigilant craftsmanship is not limited to the world of goldsmithing. Any craft requires the same level of skill, especially brewing craft beer. You should not expect any less attention to detail from from the brewing of Alhambra beer.

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Mastering the smallest details

Just as a goldsmith cannot leave the tiniest detail on an ornate piece unconsidered, the master brewers of Alhambra beer must carefully complete each step of the brewing process.

From malting the barley to fermenting the beer, master brewers must keep a close eye on the process. Not paying attention to the details can sacrifice the finest flavors in a craft beer.

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A craft passed down through the generations

For centuries, goldsmithing has been passed down from master to apprentice. Such a fine craft is not honed in a matter of days. The same could be said of brewing craft beer. Without a rich tradition passed onto today’s master brewers, people could not enjoy the carefully cultivated flavors of Alhambra beer.

Using the best materials

Goldsmithing requires the craftsman to have access to the finest metals available. That means sourcing the best gold, silver or other types of metals. Guaranteeing the quality of materials will guarantee the highest quality finished product. Working thoughtlessly with a cheap metal will damage the quality of the goldsmith’s completed art.
It’s no surprise that the finest in craft beer also requires the best ingredients. Alhambra beer is brewed with carefully sourced barley. Aroma and bitterness are controlled by selecting the perfect hops. The same diligent decision making goes into the decision to use a specific yeast and water from Granada in their craft beer.

Taking it slow

Imagine a goldsmith rushing through a project. The detail is crafted into their gold carelessly, with some of the work left by the wayside just to save a few minutes. Yet, what good is a piece of jewelry that the goldsmith rushed to create? It is lacking in what makes fine jewelry special. There is no attention to the smallest details in the piece. The same goes for good quality craft beer. A good beer needs time to brew. Master brewers take the time to make sure the process is perfectly followed. Rushing through the brewing process could cause a brewer to miss a step or two. It takes time to make sure that the ingredients used are at the level of quality that a fine craft beer requires.

Plus, the storied history of brewing beer was not written overnight. It takes decades for the process to develop and be passed from brewer to brewer, all the way to today’s Alhambra beer.Brewing is not unlike crafting the finest  gold products. It takes equal parts time, commitment, and skill.

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