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Cerveza Reserva Roja - Cervezas Alhambra Cerveza Reserva Roja - Cervezas Alhambra

Alhambra Reserva Roja

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Alhambra Reserva Roja

Our brewmasters used German bock beers as their source of inspiration for this creation. It has been designed to be enjoyed on special occasions, and to challenge the senses.

  • Alhambra Roja Bock
  • Alhambra Roja Bock
  • Alhambra Roja Bock

Challenge your senses

  • Sight

    Alhambra Reserva Roja is an exceptional and unique copper colour, with a bright appearance, and dense foam with tan highlights.

  • Smell

    The aromas that come from the malt stand out in this beer: toasted cereal and grain, with hints of caramel and intense fruity notes.

  • Taste

    Savour the first intense sip, and discover a strong and full-bodied beer. It has a distinct and extremely pleasant note of alcohol, followed by cereal flavours.

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Alhambra Roja Bock Alhambra Roja Bock

Alhambra Reserva Roja

An intense beer brewed with a long
fermentation process and a deep red colour,
yet with the refreshing smoothness of a lager.

Category Speciality
Style German/Bock
ABV 7,2% vol
Alhambra Roja Bock - Brújula




Extra Beer


7,2% vol.

Serving temperature

6-8 ºC

Food information

Food information

ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Corn and Hops.

Nutricional information Unit Value
Energy value kJ/100ml - kcal/100ml 263 - 63
Fat g/100ml 0
Of which saturated g/100ml 0
Carbohydrate g/100ml 4,7
Of which sugars g/100ml 0,2
Protein g/100ml 0,6
Salt g/100ml 0



Cerveza Reserva Roja - Cervezas Alhambra - premio sabor superior 2 estrellas 2017


2nd Superior Taste Award with 2 Stars, which qualifies it as a product with an Outstanding Taste (iTQi)

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Cervezas Alhambra Cervezas Alhambra

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