What’s the Hurry? Slow Food Dishes That Pair With Craft Beer

Cervezas Alhambra

Cook slow, eat slow, and take the time to enjoy. These dishes lend themselves to slow food philosophy and preparation methods, and will pair well with your favorite slowbrewed craft beer.

1) Beer and Cheese

Wine and cheese have become a classic pairing, but beer is actually a good
alternative. A big part of the reason that wine and cheese are paired is that wine is good at cleansing the palate. Beer is even better at removing the cheese fat that tends to stick to the tongue, however. It also tastes very enjoyable when following up the salt content of the cheese.

Cheese is one of the ultimate slow foods simply by virtue of how it is made. The slow food movement particularly embraces raw milk cheese, however. This is simply the way cheese was made prior to pasteurization, and is a method that is perfectly safe. Advocates of raw milk cheese cite the unique regional flavors and the complexity of their aromas and tastes.


2) Seafood

The slow food movement’s relationship with seafood is mostly one of promoting sustainability. In addition to encouraging responsible fishing practices, slow food enthusiasts focus on local fish, particularly those that are not commonly eaten in the area. One example is learning to prepare fish that are normally considered “bycatch” in the area. Another is in the promotion of fish that are popular elsewhere but not in the
region where they are caught for some reason.
Fish dishes are also often best when made slowly. Slow-roasting or poaching is a good option for just about any sort of fish. Many of the best fish dishes are also simmered slow such as chowder, cioppino and stew. Most fish will pair well with a light beer such as a lager or blonde ale, so the delicate taste of the fish is not overwhelmed.


3) Roast Pork

Pork is excellent for slow cooking methods as it’s very difficult for even the most amateur cook to get it wrong. Cover a good shoulder or butt in a rub or a paste of seasonings, then simply let it sit in the oven for several hours, and you’re guaranteed a delicious entree.

Pork is also quite flexible in terms of beer pairings, and can go well with both lighter lagers and heavier stouts and ales.

4) Spicy Curry

Most people like their curry to have meat that melts in your mouth, and the only way to do that is slow cooking at low heat. Most people also like it at least a little spicy. Beer might not immediately spring to mind as a pairing with curry, but IPAs, sours and pale ales all go extremely well with a spicy curry.

Craft beer connects to the philosophy of taking your time with the things you love. If you care about the philosophy of slow food, you’ll also appreciate Cervezas Alhambra, the ultimate in craft beer made slowly with care.






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