Putting the “Special” Into Crafter Beer: Alhambra Especial

Cervezas Alhambra

When the goal is to craft something unique, many companies have a hard time sustaining their successes. Crafter beer creators aim for a paradox of perfection: they want to create unparalleled, perfect taste experiences and make them so available that you can have them every day.

Alhambra Reserva 1925 in the classic and gorgeous green bottle has developed a reputation for quality in many places, but what do you know about Alhambra Especial, the green bottle’s golden neighbor? When you want to have a truly memorable experience (even if you have it every day), reach for the bottle with the signature “Especial” on it.

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The lager of Alhambra Especial is immediately noticeable for its bright golden color and the creamy white foam. This beautiful foam, produced by the carbon dioxide in the beer and the protein residue of the beer’s wort and hops, is a reminder of how fresh the beer is. Made in the Czech Pale style, Alhambra Especial has taken home awards in various competitions for both composition and taste.


The first thing people notice when they pour out a frosty mug of Alhambra Especial is the scent of toast: a gentle grain smell that reminds you of the land. Others get a light fruit scent as the gentle foam subsides. The taste is a nutty, toasted cereal mix. However, it isn’t an overwhelming beer: the delicious aspects are in the subtleties of truly high quality ingredients. The lingering flavors of honey and bitter hops are signs of a craft beer with full flavor, even when it is a lager you seek.


Spain is known for its agricultural heritage and the bounty of the Iberian Peninsula contributes to the Alhambra Especial experience. Through a meticulous process, this exceptional beer is crafted from select barley malt from Navarre, Albacete, and Seville, combined with specially selected hops and brewer’s yeast. These ingredients are added with care to the local Granada water, known for its purity and clarity, in exactly the combination to create the golden lager. The four key ingredients of craft beer blend in a  that makes a product that is more than the sum of its parts.

A Beer to Take Time For

It’s easy to let daily pressures diminish one’s pursuit of everyday pleasures. If we aren’t careful, we can crowd out a quiet sunrise walk, a slow rock in a rocking chair, and a rambling conversation with a close friend. Think of Alhambra Especial as an invitation and an opportunity. Because this isn’t a beer to be drained quickly and forgotten easily, it invites you into the slow, intentional life again. Even if you’ve forgotten what it is like to take time to make every day special, Alhambra Especial can help you remember. Craft beer can be a way to connect with others and a chance to unwind and relax. Take a bottle of Alhambra Especial and remember what it is to value the unique and perfect moments of the absolutely ordinary days.

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