Pairing a craft beer with tapas in Granada

Cervezas Alhambra

There are few cities like Granada. For centuries, the culture has developed into something special. The local fish from the sea and the southern vegetable garden cultivated by the ancient moors allow for a unique dining experience. In Granada, when you order a craft beer or any other drink in a bar after you’ve put in a day of work, you’ll also be given a plate of tapas, sourced from the city’s finest resources.

It’s not just a gimmick for tourists. The daily routine in Granada consists of heading to the bar with some friends for drinks and tapas. Come enjoy the night among the residents of this historic city. There’s no better way to get to know Granada than to sip on your Alhambra beer in one of the city’s many storied bars.

The Tapas Experience

You wander through the streets of Granada, taking time to experience the sights and sounds. The locals are rushing through the door of a small cafe. The smell of flaky, golden fried fish fills your nostrils. As you walk inside the bustling Los Diamantes, people gather around their complementary tapas. From sherry-soaked clams to salt cod, patrons of the bar are treated to a delicious snack on the house while they sip their Cervezas Alhambra. Los Diamantes is just one spot for tapas in Granada. Everyone has their favorite spot to grab a craft beer and take some time to dine on whatever snacks are brought to your table. Try the cordovan salmorejo, a bread and tomato-based dish, in La Ruta del Azafrán. Take the time to explore traditional tapas spots such as Casa Torcuato or La Cuchara de Carmela.

Tapas can consist of anything from some olives to a more elaborate dish like tortilla de patatas. Salads, fried snacks, cheeses, pickles and more can be served to you and your friends taking a break from exploring Granada. What better way is there to spend a day than to take some time to relax and enjoy Cervezas Alhambra with the many great dishes these great bars will serve with drinks?

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Craft Beer Made to Be Enjoyed

Cervezas Alhambra takes pride in only brewing the best craft beer, no matter how long it takes. When a beer is made slowly, the flavors have more time to develop to perfection. Just like the city of Granada has taken centuries to develop perfection in its tapas culture, Cervezas Alhambra has taken the time to be brewed exactly to the drinker’s standards. Just as you should take your time to experience the historic city of Granada with all of your senses, you should enjoy your carefully brewed craft beer. Paired with tapas, take your time to experience the flavors of the great food paired with your Cervezas Alhambra. The history of our beer and the culture of tapas are deeply ingrained in the city of Granada. The truest way to get to know Granada is living like its people have always lived. Enjoy the food and the drinks of this great city.

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