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Martín Azúa


An unprecedented exhibition in Barcelona.

For Martín Azúa, his collaboration with Cervezas Alhambra is an excellent opportunity to highlight the values of traditional arts and crafts and to put his philosophy into practice: "Stop to admire the good things that surround us with inquisitive eyes".

The work, an unprecedented exhibition designed by the artist for create/with no/hurry, the contemporary creation platform devised by Cervezas Alhambra, will be a gift for passers-by in the city of Barcelona, urging them to rest and relax in the urban area.

The project has a great technical difficulty and a wealth of graphic details that connect with the senses. A unique piece designed with wild esparto grass, a plant belonging to the same family as barley, which has been painstakingly created by the artist with artisanal expertise. The result is a beautiful and delicate work designed with humble and honest materials.

This work, which uses materials as its main source of inspiration, fits perfectly with the values of Cervezas Alhambra: an individual lifestyle that urges you to take the necessary time to be able to appreciate and enjoy every last detail, in which particular importance is placed on raw materials as an artistic form of expression.

Martín Azúa and Cervezas Alhambra have worked together on the exhibition which will be displayed in Barcelona.