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 The barley malt selected by our master brewers originates from Navarre, Albacete and Seville.

Its high starch content is exactly what our yeast needs to produce the chain of reactions that take place during the fermentation process.


 Our beers have a personality of their own thanks to the mineral balance and purity of the water of Granada. This not only has an impact on the taste, but also on the aroma and even on the colour.

Let's not forget that water represents almost 90% of the liquid.


 This ingredient provides each beer with its aroma and characteristic bitterness. This changes significantly according to the variety of hops used and the moment they are added.

Therefore, at Cervezas Alhambra they are still sometimes added manually. Anything to achieve a perfect result.


 This is the ingredient that makes it possible for the wort to become beer. It provides the aromatic profile and defines the character of each product. That is the reason why each brewery selects, uses and safeguards its own variety.

Possibly originating from Berlin, one of the centres of European beer, the yeast used by Alhambra is an essential part of its patrimony.