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Take your time to discover the last gastronomy trends, take your time to discover Alhambra Beers.


Pairing a craft beer with tapas in Granada

There are few cities like Granada. For centuries, the culture has developed into something special. The local fish from the sea and the southern vegetable garden cultivated by the ancient moors allow for a unique dining experience. In Granada, when you order a craft beer or any other drink in a bar after you’ve put … Continue reading “Pairing a craft beer with tapas in Granada”

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What’s the Hurry? Slow Food Dishes That Pair With Craft Beer

Cook slow, eat slow, and take the time to enjoy. These dishes lend themselves to slow food philosophy and preparation methods, and will pair well with your favorite slowbrewed craft beer. 1) Beer and Cheese Wine and cheese have become a classic pairing, but beer is actually a good alternative. A big part of the … Continue reading “What’s the Hurry? Slow Food Dishes That Pair With Craft Beer”

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